We’re thinking sustainably at Neville Joinery

With the focus now more than ever on the importance of sustainability, recycling and carbon footprint, here at Neville Joinery we are constantly reviewing the materials we use looking at potential alternatives that will help protect our environment in both the short and the long term.

As a team, we understand that sustainability in product design and manufacture is incredibly important. We always aim to carry out our work without depleting resources or causing harmful and significant impact to the world we live in.

With global warming and emissions on the rise, it is vital that we think of meeting the needs of today without sacrificing the safety and ability for future generations to be able to do the same.

As much as we can, we use sustainable and eco-friendly materials in our manufacturing processes.

Of course, when sustainably sourced, timber is one of the most renewable products available but there are always ways in which we can do better. As an example, a recent project for a very significant client requiring a specific design for new concept units - introduced us to the benefits of new paper-based products used in place of plastic laminates. Which means that these units will eventually be able to be incinerated rather than be consigned to landfill.

Recycling and working to ensure the environment is impacted as little as possible is not a new notion for the team here at Neville Joinery, however, we are pushing to move towards becoming an ever more mindful and sustainable company.

We believe in working hard for our future and investing in our world as much as we do our projects and designs.

We would love to hear from other companies or workers in the trade that may have any suggestions or comments for us regarding sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Please contact us at enquiries@nevillejoinery.co.uk

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