Neville Joinery Appoints New Manager

Andy Knowles has joined Neville Joinery as pre-construction manager. This latest appointment supports our plans to push forward with our growth plans, with promotion of our full-service offer, including design and installation, alongside our manufacturing prowess.

Andy started out as a joiner at 16 and worked his way up in the industry, gaining extensive experience in production and design management and pre construction. He moved to Neville’s from ADS Joinery, following an initial call from Paul Radford, our Director. Andy says, ”Of course, I was aware of Neville Joinery, it is well known in the industry and regionally. I was particularly impressed with the structure and the set up at the firm. My appointment during the pandemic, at such a difficult time, is statement to the positive mentality within the business, along with how all within Neville Joinery has managed through the lockdown months remaining pro-active, putting things in place to realise our plans for the future.”

Our Director Paul Radford says, ”The business has a long standing reputation for the quality of the manufacture delivered and the skilled service we provide. Being a trusted partner and supplier for clients operating in the construction sector, and with a wealth of expertise available in the team, inevitably the business started to play more of a role at the early design stages, working alongside architects and project managers on key projects where our recommendations brought real value. Because of the skills of the team, and to a degree the push from customers, moving into full fit-out and installation services seemed a logical move.”

“This is opening up new markets for us and we are already seeing new clients approaching us about collaboration and delivery services on increasingly larger contracts. Trust and demonstrable ability are key where the industry is still experiencing difficult trading conditions.”

We have been able to remain open and operating throughout the year – in part due to expansive workshops that has allowed the team to work safely while social distancing. Paul continues: “It provides assurance to customers that we can reliably continue to fulfil contracts whether having to adhere to part or full lockdown conditions. And we understand that this has been a rarity over the last year.”

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