Rocking Horse

Surrey Street Primary School was built by T&E Neville. When it opened, they donated a wooden rocking horse to the school, the original of which is now in Luton Museum.

In the 1980's the school asked Neville's to craft a replacement and after a few years of good use by the children we were asked to refurbish it.

Recently the horse came back to us again for further refurbishment by Neville Joinery, and this time it was to be painted.

Here's Sam who continued work on the refurbishment and came up with creative ideas as to how we could replace the saddle, mane and tail.

The rocking horse should now be equipped for many more years of use by the children.

"The horse is just what Mrs Adams had envisaged and it is currently in pride of place in our newly built front reception - thank you so much for all your efforts" Miss Trisha Cook, PA to Headteacher and SLT

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